Our charity

The foundation was established on June 18, 2007, at the initiative of the parents of disabled and deaf children and a group of people of good will, who are not indifferent to the fate of the weakest.

We are a foundation that helps children, young people, adults with disabilities, including the deaf. We are the only organization in the Płock poviat dealing with the problems of deaf people.

We have a qualified and proven staff, both in terms of therapists employed on a full-time basis as well as educators cooperating with the Foundation for many years. We run therapeutic, speech therapy, corrective and compensatory classes, rehabilitation with the use of the latest information technologies and a block of classes in the field of neurokinesiology.

In addition, we organize periodic sign language courses (currently we have trained over 660 people in this area from all over Poland), we also carry out trainings in the field of neurokinesiology and therapy for children with hearing impairments: „How to work with a deaf child”. We organize conferences and symposia from various fields of medicine, therapy and education.