The non-public Psychologic Counseling Clinic „MOTYLEK” („Butterfly”) in Płock invites children for free activities with an opinion about the need for early development support. Early development support is aimed at stimulating and stimulating the motor, cognitive, emotional and social development of a child from the moment he / she detects an abnormality until he or she starts school (ages 0 to 8). Early development support is an integrated system of prophylactic, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitation as well as therapeutic and educational interactions led by an interdisciplinary team of specialists. The subject of early development support is a family with a small child who has been diagnosed with abnormalities in psychomotor development, among others: prematurity, genetic disorders, congenital malformations, damage to sensory organs (eyesight, hearing), neurological problems, damage or disorders of the central nervous system, damage or disturbances of the motor apparatus. Early support of child development can relate to motor development, polisensory stimulation (multi-sensory), speech development, language, orientation and movement in space, improving vision, hearing, self-service skills and functioning in the environment.

If you are interested in participating in early childhood development activities, please contact us by phone:

+48 (24) 264 17 51 or  883 152 400