We operate thanks to your support, bringing help to all our pupils and their families.
The idea of our charity is therapeutic and educational help for people with disabilities. Money is not always a solution, sometimes a good word and help is needed for a person in need but without financial means we would not be able to implement our projects and ventures.

We try to understand charity as broadly as possible, we want to help all those who need help, recognize the needs of people with disabilities in their various variants – but mainly focus on the needs of what is most important in the life of a disabled person – health and educational therapy.

We want to strengthen in them what is good, we want to engage in events and activities aimed at improving their functioning in society. We want to engage in activities aimed at improving the well-being and comfort of life of people with disabilities and those at risk of exclusion.

We count on support from all people with open hearts and wallets who understand their actions as giving themselves.

All help is important. Some help others by doing a word. If you have the opportunity to support us financially, transfer any amount for the implementation of our projects and activities or statutory goals of the Foundation.

Fundacja Marty Chojnowskiej „Przerwij Ciszę”
Sienkiewicza 3/22 street

Bank Milenium
02 1160 2202 0000 0001 2576 2723

Our charity has developed original textbooks and teaching aids for learning sign language, which can be purchased in our online store, funds obtained from the purchase of our textbooks and teaching aids are used for the implementation of free therapeutic activities for people with disabilities with a hearing impairment.

We can also accept any material help in the form of, for example, non-storing food, clothing, toys, books, etc. Currently, the foundation is looking for computer equipment in the form of computers and printers, paper for printers, photocopiers. The Charity also wants to acquire a special car for transporting disabled or elderly people. There are many needs, if you want to help, contact us.