About us

“Przerwij Ciszę” (“Break the Silence”) was established on June 18, 2007, at the initiative of the parents of disabled and deaf children and a group of people of good will, who are not indifferent to the fate of the weakest.

We are a charity that helps children, young people and adults with disabilities, including the deaf. We are the only organization in the Płock region dealing with the problems of deaf people.

We have a qualified and proven staff, both in terms of therapists employed on a full-time basis as well as educators cooperating with the Foundation for many years. We run therapeutic, speech therapy, corrective and compensatory classes, rehabilitation with the use of the latest information technologies and a block of classes in the field of neurokinesiology. In addition, we organize periodic sign language courses (currently we have trained over 660 people in this area from all over Poland), we also carry out trainings in the field of neurokinesiology and therapy for children with hearing impairments: “How to work with a deaf child”. We organize conferences and symposia from various fields of medicine, therapy and education.

The Foundation also has experience in the implementation of projects financed from external funds:

– implementation of the project “Learn to Talk to Us – 1st edition”: from the funds of the Grant Fund Foundation for Płock;

– implementation of the “Stop the Silence” project co-financed by the ESF under the Human Capital Operational Program, Measure 7.2.2;

– implementation of two projects from Measure 9.5 POKL – grass-roots educational initiatives in rural areas;

– implementation of sign language courses “Learn to Talk to Us” (editions II – VII);

– implementation of programs co-financed within the framework of tasks commissioned from the City of Płock: “Cabinet of hearing and speech rehabilitation – MOTYLEK” and “Learn to work with me”, “Help ourselves and others” implemented from 2012 to 2015;

– implementation of five projects co-financed from the Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodship MCPS (sign language courses);

– the implementation of proprietary proprietary programs, i.e. a publication for deaf children, “OZO METHOD – work cards for deaf children”, “Handy sign language dictionary for social services” and Multimedia program for learning deaf children “I Know, Um, I Understand”;

– implementation of the first Polish Campaign for Sign Language Act and other communication support measures promoting sign language “Learn to Talk to Us”;

– implementation of a project co-financed by the City of Płock’s “Pomóżmy sobie i innym” – revalidation and neurokinesiology classes;

– implementation of a project co-financed from PFRON funds for speech therapy and revalidation of art therapy and neurokinesiology;

– implementation of a project co-financed by UMP “Świerszczyki” for 2013 in the field of social assistance related to corrective activities for disabled children from Płock;

– implementation of the “Motion therapy” project co-financed by the Grant Fund Foundation for Płock for sports activities for disabled children;

– at the moment the implementation of the project “Motion therapy” co-financed from the PFRON funds for corrective classes, in the field of music therapy, aquatherapy and neurokinesiology.

From January 2014, we are running the Non-Public Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Center “Motylek”.

The Foundation is entered into the register of training institutions run by the VLO in Warsaw.

We conduct ongoing training, courses for parents of deaf children, teachers and physiotherapists in the field of neurokinesiology, auditory rehabilitation as well as alternative and non-verbal communication, sign language.

We also provide consultations for parents, teachers with specialists in the field of therapeutic work with deaf children (surdologopedians, surdopedagogists, psychologists, otolaryngologists) from Warsaw, Gdańsk, and Łódź.

We work with companies dealing with the problems of people with hearing impairments (GEERS, OTICON, SONO, AUDIOFON) in Płock, Warsaw and Łódź.

We are open to contacts and cooperation with similar centers in the country and abroad. We place emphasis on activities in the field of education, therapy, tourism and sports using modern technologies in therapy.