Why choose us?

We are a non-public psychological clinic “Motylek” operating at the Marta Chojnowska Charity “Przerwij Ciszę”. We offer you comprehensive psychological, pedagogical and speech therapy diagnostics. Our employees are a team of psychologists, pedagogues, speech therapists who are characterized by a high level of professional preparation, as well as high therapeutic diagnostic effectiveness. We provide our clients with reliable and professional assistance as well as confidentiality and kindness. Pedagogical supervision over our Clinic is carried out by the Mazowiecki Superintendent of Education. The services provided by the clinic can be used by children, parents, teachers from all over Poland – no regionalization.

The main goal of our activities is to provide psychological services in an efficient, professional and customer-oriented way. The clinic as a center is a place where people work with passion, commitment and dedication. We are a team of specialists in the fields of: psychology, pedagogy, speech therapy, therapy (including behavioral) and art therapy, as well as personal and vocational counseling.
Our MISSION is to support the child and parents in its early stimulation, arouse and develop its talents and help in school, family and social situations in which there are often no simple solutions.


Our services can be used by everyone, regardless of where they live or refer from.